Saturday, June 28, 2014

Have pride for the gender identities and lesser known sexualities too!


Thank you to alfredfbraginsky for adding the following comments to this post. I shouldn’t have made these so hastily and should have included throrough well elaborated information that was accurate, correct and aware of the community.

trangender flag: please don’t assign genders to genitals, please. even if you might be trans yourself, it helps other people in the trans umbrella to not use terms like “biologically male/female”. 

some transgender people might consider themselves identifying as the gender “”opposite”” to what they were assigned at birth (like a trans man identifying as male, but he was assigned ‘female’ as a baby because of his genitals), but not all of them do. also, terms like “opposite gender” erase nonbinary identities and intersex people.

some transgender people consider their ‘biological sex’ the same as the gender they identify, even if they haven’t undergone surgery. a trans man might consider his vagina a “male sex organ” (and he has every right to do so) because it belongs to someone who is a man. 

the only people who really need to know what’s in a trans person’s pants and how it relates to their identity, are the person in question and their physician. 

bisexual flag: i might sound nitpicky, but it’s probably best to not refer to orientations (bi, pan, etc.) as “abilities”. rather, “a bisexual is someone who is attracted to two or more genders, including nonbinary people”. 

nonbinary flag: i appreciate you including the flag, but saying that all nonbinary identities are “between male and female” is unfortunately another example of reinforcing a gender binary.

i personally consider my androgyne identity as a blurring of what my society considers masculine and feminine, but some nonbinary people consider their identities as entirely separate from male or female, or any possible spectrum between male and female. 

intersex flag: i’m not intersex— so if i’m saying something ignorant, please ignore me. but it’s probably best to not say something like “it’s tough to explain” as part of a flag that’s trying to spread awareness.

also, again, please don’t assign genders to genitals. that’s what leads to a lot of harm and dysphoria to intersex people, because of parents and doctors trying to “fix” their body into something regarded as acceptable. in this context, it’s best to describe it as like “resulting in sex organs considered as a mix of biologically “male” and “female”, according to the medical community’s standards.”  

thanks for taking the time to read this, if you do. i know you had good intentions with this post, but it’s important to spread correct information. 


Anon messaged me this about asexuality (I didn’t know that aromantic had its own flag, but knew lithromantic was part of that- however, i hadn’t specified romantic orientation in this post, which is pretty problematic of me to do in terms of explanations etc)

Anyways, anon wanted to clarify:

asexuality is only not experiencing sexual attraction, not having no sex drive (even though some asexuals also have no sex drive, but it’s possible to be any sexual orientation and have no sex drive, or even not be into sex), it’s also not applicable to romantic endeavors, that would be aromantic, which has it’s own flag, and the aromantic spectrum may include lithoromantic, but the asexual spectrum does not.


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